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Visit the
Thursday, May 8   6:00-7:00 pm or by appt.
(Gayle 906-484-2256 ext.1110
or 906-298-2072)

Bring your child for a visit to the preschool classroom.
Enrollment information will be available.
Children age 3 by Nov. 1 are welcome.

We are located in the elementary wing
of the Cedarville School, room 7.

Heart Bleed OpenSSL Computer Virus Test
Check the websites you frequent, especially your financial institutions, to make certain they have taken the proper steps to fix this exploit.
Check website(s) here:

May 15th to May 26th
Entry Fees: Kids $10 - Adults $20


Unlimited gigabytes of
Data Storage/Backup
for $59.99 per year.

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Contact Mothers to order and setup your account.

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Bakery & Deli
(906) 647-1113
Pickford, MI
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